Everything in creation was by Him begun.


when you realize you have homework on a sunday night


When you realize the guy is actually getting a blowjob

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The Internet.

The internet has become very boring.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I look too much into the things I notice online.  Maybe the things I notice have drawn me away from the virtual world.  People choose what they show on the internet.  It’s a superficial world where beauty rules.

I’m back! Hi!

"Then Jesus gave some special parental instructions. ‘Love and take care of each other. The way you treat each other will tell the world about our family, so remember whose child you are. Some problems may come up, but whatever you need, you can ask for it using my name. All I have is at your disposal, and the Holy Spirit will see that you have it. When you feel lonely or afraid, rely on my promise that I have insulated you in prayer, and you belong to me.’"

Gloria Gaither (ref. John 14:1)